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Doree Leventhal Dress Advert 1956
A short evening dress made in a Martin and Savage Velvet made with Courtaulds’ rayon. By Doree Leventhal Ltd. 1st December 1956. Advert courtesy Brittania and Eve.

A personal note about fashion research

I write about fashion labels and people’s memories of wearing them in the past.

Labels you might recall are: Dorville, Rembrandt, Robita Couture, Julian Rose, Elka Couture, Susan Small and Polly Peck but during the Vintage Fashion era there were many, many more.

That dress or hat you bought and memories of the occasion you wore them are every bit as important as the colour, what fabric it was made of or how much it cost. It’s as important as the designer who imagined them or the process that went into their making.

Your memories don’t have to be ‘big’ they are just as valuable when they are simple, short and uncomplicated. People who wore fashion are as much a part of fashion history as the clothes themselves.

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I’ve spoken with many people about their memories of fashion. Sometimes they are the only ones remaining as time passes on.

I’m comfortable to talk in any way that’s easy for you but please use the contact form or tweet me to first get in touch. Thank you.

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