Carrie Henderson Author

Mira Johnson’s Biography

Carrie’s biography of Mira Johnson is the first in a series about the city of Kingston Upon Hull.

Nestling on the coast facing the Europe and the North Sea, before the 1980s Hull was the 3rd British port in importance and tonnage of fishing catch; creating a thriving and powerful city as a result.

Its communities tell of their lives with heart and humour that Carrie weaves into this non-fiction book. Writing for all ages and levels of readers she takes the building blocks of fact telling their stories in a descriptive, enjoyable style.

Illustrated with original artwork as well as contemporary images and photographs, you will get to know people, places and stand out events, all told against a backdrop of the history of Kingston Upon Hull.

About Carrie

Carrie is a writer, illustrator and researcher who writes non-fiction with a lightweight, accessible way believing storytelling is the best way to engage people about the past.

Her illustrations are a visual signature seen throughout her writing-works.

She has a research interest in the arts and 20th century fashion – Vintage fashion –  the history of sewing or ‘needle’ trades and the social history and female economy of both.

Using personal testimonies she incorporates people’s histories to voice the lived experiences of everyday people, who are often her collaborators and co-producers of research.

Biographer of Hull’s fashion house the House of Mirelle, She has lectured on its history and runs a public history website about the fashion house and is also a publisher. She advises institutions like Hull Museums and the Yorkshire Film Archive as to items in their collections where they dovetail with her research.

Carrie lives in London but often visits Hull, captivated by the depth and breadth of its history and the endless warmth of the people at its heart.