Can you spot locations from Mira Johnson’s Biography…?     Most can be found in its pages, from new town to old. Some devices display photos larger than others. Try again with your laptop, iPad or computer if they are small on your phone.

Elsie Battle Shop

Elsie Battle was a fashion retailer which had branches in Hull, Bournemouth, Halifax and Scarborough. Do you have any memories or information about the shop? If so I’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch. 

Miriam Bibbero Johnson Biography

MIRIAM BIBBERO JOHNSON  FAMILY, PHILANTHROPY, FASHION A BIOGRAPHY OF HULL’s ACTRESS-ENTERTAINER  1840 – 1947  In 1840 a small Jewish family emigrated from Posen, Prussia settling in Kingston Upon Hull. 100 years later Mira Bibbero Johnson was one of the most famous actresses in England carrying on the family tradition of …